Auup me duk! We are creators of immersive entertainment for a variety of attractions and productions across the nation.
Our passion is to turn your dreams into reality with our in-house creative geniuses, based in the heart of Nottinghamshire, using their performance experience and industry knowledge to create captivating five-star experiences like never seen before.



Copper Entertainment is broken down into three internal departments.
Productions, Attractions and Touring. Find out more below on what we offer.

Image by John-Mark Smith


Whether its a lavish multi-scene costumed show, a flash mob, or a one-off spectacular - we create everything from writing scripts and shows, to choreographing the dance routines, to recording the music all under one roof.


We create sensational immersive walk-through attractions that we believe are going to take the UK by storm. 
The ultimate experience is achieved when there is a brilliant idea at heart and when all elements of such an event are beautifully combined. Producing productions that have educational benefits is so important whilst, of course, can still be loads of fun!


We aim to create the most immersive theatre and arts engagement in the most unusual of places. Art simply has the power to change lives. We are modernising the way theatre and arts activities are being done for the ever changing society that we are in.

Art simply has the power to change lives. 

We create from scratch wonderful activities for all to enjoy, which starts with one idea in our factory of creativity. 

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