We are currently looking for three male and two female performers who can record their vocals at home for a new British musical called: 'Dream Home'. 

The purpose of the demo recording is not to be sold commercially, but to be used to submit to producers and theatrical companies. These will not be played live in any setting but will be available online on our dedicated musical page. 

Singers on these recordings are welcome to audition for the roles in the musical should it be picked up by a producer. 

Unfortunately, there is no money in this project, so singers will not be paid for their recordings. However, they will be named on all listing of the vocal track and can also share the songs with family and friends. 

You will be sent a composer vocal with a guide to help to learn the melody line. 

The second track will just be instrumental, this is what you will need to record with and send back. 


*Age 18+

*Comedic performer

*Be able to sing to a high standard

*Have a professional microphone that can record high quality

*Headphones, so when you are recording your voice, you are not picking up the instrumental track

Sounds just like you?

Then we would love for you to send us any short clips of you singing, especially showing off characterful voices to our email.

Send to: 

Closing date: 31st October 2020


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