We produce an extensive amount of projects from immersive attractions, new musical theatre writing and pop-up attractions. Alongside this our sister company 'Copper Studios' offers weekly training to students in a variety of performing arts disciplines. 
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Journey over the rainbow to the beautiful woodland's of Rufford Abbey. Immerse yourself in the family favourite 'The Wizard of Oz' as you explore outdoor theatre, dance, music and comedy combined with some modern 'twisters' along the way. Guided by Dorothy herself, you will be taken down the yellow brick road through a magical forest meeting the beloved characters during your adventure. Uncover the classic tale like never before, featuring beautiful costumes, stunning surroundings, professional actors and a fantastic soundtrack you won't want to leave Oz!



Music & Lyrics: Harry Hindley

Book & Lyrics: John Delaney

'The year is 2035 and the world is a desperate place. Governments nationalised all private land,

demolished all of the homes and built thousands of tower blocks. A new televised competition is revealed that

gives people a chance to win their dream home, there is a massive amount of interest and lots of

people are planning to enter. Would you take a chance and risk it all?'

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A new musical, based on an extraordinary true story. 
Music by Chris Corcoran
Book & Lyrics by Harry Hindley
'As the Grady family continue to hold the Legacy they leave behind, there are certain family traditions that are better left behind.
This is a story of Passion, Enchantment and Bloodshed that follows a young Grady Jr as he finds his way in the dark business of the Carnival, as Lobster Boy.
With an arduous life, Grady was either simply wicked or immensely misunderstood.
That’s for you to determine...'

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