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Copper Entertainment stage shows are developed to attract and welcome diverse audiences from all walks of life. Their age, background, or race is considered an obsolete thought. We make entertainment for anyone who wishes to be entertained. Nottinghamshire is a place that welcomes inclusivity and diversity, and we are a part of it and what it represents. Thus, through our productions, we wish to convey the same. 

We strive to offer the highest quality productions while remaining as financially accessible as possible. The best part about our productions is that they can be performed indoors or outdoors, with only a small cast and crew in tow. As far as performance art is concerned, we believe a story can be resurrected anywhere, as long as we have the best performers and executioners. 

 Our productions are fresh and exciting, with modern adaptations to concert-style shows. The new adaptations see a contemporary take on the old, classic characters with fresh soundtracks that build a world of their own and captivate the audience. 

WONDERLAND - Theatrical Experience at Victoria Centre, Nottingham
Copper Entertainment

WONDERLAND - Theatrical Experience at Victoria Centre, Nottingham

Stage shows are as old as the humans themselves. Yet the changing times have brought new and exciting aspects to it. We make it more accessible and exciting for our viewers so that their entertainment value remains high. Theatre is not going anywhere as long as people are willing to watch and improvise as the world changes and becomes increasingly digital.

Stage shows can be a work of art that brings people together, and we at Copper Entertainment wish to do precisely that!



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